Where in the world has Katie Keil been?

March 2020

What's been going on in my world lately? Everything.

I finished my thesis and graduated with my Master of Marine Affairs from UW.

I hiked all 100 miles of the Wonderland Trail.

I became an aunt to the most wonderful little lady.

I snowshoed the Cascade mountains and explored the Washington coastline.

Since graduation, I've been taking on some odd jobs: teaching, reading admissions files for UW, and contributing to science communication efforts. Mostly, I have been monitoring marine mammals/protected species observing for two environmental consulting groups, but my field season just ended... so I'm back on the job hunt. I'm really hopeful to land something soon though, so if you know of any openings or think I may be a good fit for your organization, please reach out.

I'm so ready to use my skills to make an impact.